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How I Work

How I Work

Pre-event consultation

From lousy lighting to a dodgy microphone and table layouts where you can’t view the stage, a lot can go wrong with an event. I know, I’ve seen it happen! That’s why I include pre-event planning ahead of your event to ensure everything runs smoothly on the night. It’s handy for small companies who need professional help and advice as well as production companies who could benefit from an entertainment consultant (that’s me!) working with them on an event.

Here’s what’s included when you book me...

The warm-up questionnaire

A short questionnaire to give me the heads-up on your event – including who it’s for, how many will be attending, the venue and any special requests. From this, I can start working on the script.

The planning session

Here’s when you get to tap me for advice on timing, running order, room layout, sound, lighting and all things event related. We can also discuss any requests you have for a bespoke magic trick for your company or brand.

This planning session is for anyone in charge of organising an event – including MDs, CEOs, PAs and production companies. It can be done via phone, Skype or Zoom or I can come to you.

The check-in call

Does what it says on the tin – a check-in call a couple of days before the event to ensure you’re happy and everything’s going to plan.


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