Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life, so it's important to that you hire the right wedding magician to ensure your BIG day is full of fun and entertainment. Paul is the perfect choice when it comes to entertaining your guests, He can perform in the following areas...

  • Reception Drinks and Photographs
  • The Wedding breakfast
  • The Evening reception

Paul performs at over 60 weddings a year, so he knows exactly how and when to entertain your guests. Whether are looking for a contemporary way to entertain your guests during the quieter periods of the day. Or are looking for a unique method of breaking the ice between friends and new family members who may have just met, You can be sure that with thousands of wedding appearances worldwide Paul is the consummate professional when it comes to providing wedding entertainment.

Reception Drinks & Photography

Once the ceremony has finished and the photographs begin, there will be times when some of your guests won’t be having their photographs taken. They will be standing and waiting for the next part of the day to begin. This is a perfect time for a Paul to entertain before the meal commences.

The Wedding Breakfast

By the nature of the seating arrangements, more often than not, guests will be sat next to people they have never met before. Magic performed in between the course’s of the breakfast not only acts as an ideal ice-breaker, provoking wonder, amazement and thoughtful questioning amongst new friends, but also helps whittle away the time spent waiting for the next course to arrive.

More often than not couples choose to book for both the reception drinks and the wedding breakfast.

The Evening Reception

Once the meal and speeches are finished it is time for the evening reception to begin. You will undoubtedly book a band or a DJ but it will take a couple of hours before all of those who will are up on the dance floor. This period where people are again being introduced to new friends and family members before they find the courage to hit the dance floor is another excellent opportunity for your guests to be entertained amongst broken ice.